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Don’t just seize the moment. Capture it! With professional moving pictures by Calgary Videographer Karyn Lee. Whatever memorable event it is that you wish to preserve will only be enhanced by the use of cinematography. Rocket Pop Film Studio will be right there with you during the occasion, taking it all in on video and then condensing it into a wonderful keepsake video that you can share via social media, on USB or on your website.

Rocket Pop Film Studio is located in downtown High River, as part of the full range of photographic services offered by Karyn Lee Portrait. We are about a half hour drive from Calgary.
Not only are we highly experienced in the photography sphere, we are also equipment nerds, and offer video services which include backdrops for filming interview style videos as well as a drone with 4K abilities to help capture birds eye footage in superior quality for the story you wish to tell.
That’s only part of our story though! Because all the great footage in the world doesn’t mean much unless it is transposed into an exceptional final product. So as well as investing in all the equipment, we also have dedicated office space replete with hardware and software necessary for editing and reviewing the clips to nurture your project’s raw footage through the metamorphosis to a high-calibre result.

Hello. My name is Karyn Lee, and I am both a photographer and a videographer.

I love telling stories – and for many years, I did this through still images and photography. As a photographer, I joined Professional Photographers of Canada, became accredited, and in 2016, earned my Craftsman of Photographic Arts designation. Most recently, I received my Master of Photographic Arts Designation in February 2018. It seemed silly to have all this amazing equipment with 4K video capabilities, and to never utilize it.

I decided to experiment and play, and discovered a whole new dimension to story-telling. There are many similarities between video and stills, but technically speaking there are some differences I quickly became aware of.

I found as a photographer, I ended up more in the background, observing. However, as a cinematographer, while still in the background I felt like I was more engaged with the scene.

As a natural extension to photography, I opened Rocket Pop Film Studio as a way to really enhance the experience for my customers – as someone who can come in and shoot both stills and video, both for private projects and commercial clients.

Not only was my shooting experience changed, so too was my editing experience. While all images in a set are linked, there is a different vision required for piecing together video clips that really changes how you view a wedding day or commercial project.

In short, videography opened up a whole new exciting world for me!



karyn likes

  • Popsicles
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Roller Coasters
  • Fuzzy Socks
  • Arcades
  • Hockey

karyn dislikes

  • Scary Movies
  • Cheese
  • Being Cold
  • High Heels
  • Camping
  • Country Music

Let’s Get Personal

I love horses, and dogs, and cats, and guinea pigs. I love my daughter Audrey. My husband Cody is my best friend. I don’t like to work out, but I love taking hikes. Romantic comedies are super predictable, and love them anyway. Benedict Cumberbatch is the best, and Game of Thrones is brilliant.

I am LOUD! I love the energy of outgoing people. I love the quite peace of introverts. I believe the best thing a person can be is kind. I am curious, I am focused, and I’m hilarious (if you like that sort of dry humour).

I can send a “few texts” to a friend throughout the day, and suddenly realize I’ve written a novella. I wish I could dance. I have a vivid imagination, and sometimes I don’t explain myself very clearly. I don’t embarrass easily, which is great because I am the most uncoordinated person I know.

To date, I have eaten 14 popsicles in the making of videos and images of this site.

Calgary Videographer


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