Becca & Brennan – Highlight Film – Calgary Wedding Videographer

I was absolutely delighted to be a part of Becca & Brennan’s wedding day as their Calgary Wedding Videographer.

I was brought on board to be a second shooter for Lisa MacDougall Photography and while I was there, I was able to shoot a music-only highlight video of their special day. Given that I have a background in photography, I was very thrilled that I was able to capture both stills and video during this day!

Calgary Wedding VideographerWhat started as a beautiful, calm and sunny day quickly turned into a rainy, dark and windy one. I have to say I admire Becca and Brennan for pushing through the rain and the wind, and have to say that I really enjoy having movement in the fabrics and hair! Of course, as soon as the ceremony was over, the storm passed and it was back to sunny skies! What can I say – weather is so unpredictable in Southern Alberta! However, we did end up with lots of opportunities for great video and pictures!

Being a Calgary Wedding Videographer gives me the opportunity to visit so many farms in the area, which are the perfect settings for outdoor weddings. Becca & Brennan’s wedding was absolutely no exception. There were lots of little nooks in the acreage that provided outstanding image and video opportunities!

I want to thank Lisa again for the opportunity to work with her on this magical wedding, and offer my congratulations to Becca and Brennan, along with my wish for a long and happy future together.

If you are interested in our wedding videography services, please visit our Calgary Wedding Videographer page to discover our services and rates. If you’re interested in viewing some stills from this wedding, please visit my photography website, Karyn Lee Portrait. I would be happy to discuss your wedding day needs with you!

  • Kim

    Aw so sweet Karyn! What a great keepsake!

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