Chicken & Bee – Calgary Video Production

I had so much fun working on this video for Cassandra of Jungle Out There Pet Services and Shannon of Fat Cat Fitness.  The purpose of this Calgary Video Production was to get people laughing while supporting a fantastic local organization.

Calgary Video ProductionThese two ladies were part of a team participating in High River’s Literacy For Life Grate Goan Up Spelling Bee. Cassandra promised all who donated that if she raised a certain amount, she would wear her famous chicken costume all over town. When her teammate Shannon found out she was doing it, she decided to throw on her Bee Costume and run round with her – how fun!

Once Cassandra and I started talking about what we wanted to include in the video, it became apparent VERY quickly that we had way more content than we could fit in a reasonably short film. And that’s when I suggested “What if we speed it up, and have everything move really fast?” To which Cassandra replied “Like an old time movie?” Thus, the idea was born, now we just had to film it!

Calgary Video ProductionWe contacted a few other businesses in the Town of High River to get their permission to film, and included a few local landmarks as well! Filming took about 1 hour, which was actually pretty great considering just how hot it was outside that day! Can you imagine being in a chicken costume in that heat?!

Calgary Video ProductionAnother reason I was thrilled to produce this video is because, with my daughter having started Kindergarten in late 2015, we had reached out to Literacy for Life for assistance as my daughter was struggling with some of the skills needed for Kindergarten. We were paired with a fantastic worker who visited our home, and gave us ideas to help bring my daughter up to speed. Their support was amazing, and Literacy for Life is truly an asset to the community.

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  • Julie-Ann

    Oh goodness what a good video! Was the videography done in Calgary! This is the best! It reminds me of the old videos my grandparents used to show us 🙂

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