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Let Calgary Commercial Videographer Karyn Lee showcase your business by creating a fun and engaging film for you!

Quite often, businesses underestimate the power of video in their social media campaigns. Did you know that social media videos get 400% more engagement than images? Crazy!

A fun and different video that plays as a potential client scrolls through social media is the best way to engage new customers, and remind your current followers to stop by and say hello.

With a variety of options, Rocket Pop Film Studio is here to help you take your social media marketing to the next level!

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  • Social Media Film
    • 2-3 minute video
    • suitable for social media promotion
    • a vision storyboard
    • script writing assistance
    • video uploaded for easy social media sharing
  • Business Profile Film
    • 4-10 minute video
    • suitable for social media promotion
    • suitable for website content
    • a vision storyboard
    • script writing assistance
    • video uploaded for easy social media sharing
  • Cinemagraph
    • 3-5 second video loop
    • converted to video and gif format
    • uploaded online for easy sharing
  • Cinemagraph Bundle
    • 6 3-5 second video loops
    • converted to video and gif format
    • uploaded online for easy sharing

Want to increase your presence on social media? Create exciting content for your website? It can be hard to decide exactly what kind of film you need – and then to execute it! Having Rocket Pop Film Studio as part of your market team can help bring your social media accounts to the next level!

social media films

A two-to-three Social Media Film is ideal for a company that is launching a new product, that has an upcoming event, or just wants to produce an ad for social media to get the attention of their followers.

Images are great – but videos posted to social media get 400% more engagement on average. Posting videos to social media grab the attention of potential clients as they scroll by, and give them a reason to stop and watch!

An engaging video will keep a customer focused on you right up until the end of the video, and will encourage them to post a comment on that video – which all their connections see in turn.

Karyn Lee can help you storyboard and script your social media film – so even if you’re not sure exactly *what* you want to film, we can discuss some of your goals for engagement, and suggest topics from there.

Have you got a very clear vision of what you’re looking to produce? Great! Rocket Pop Film studio can review your ideas, make suggestions and help source props and outfits.

This is the best way to engage your customers on the web.

business profile films

A four-to-ten minute Business Profile Film is ideal for a business looking to provide an in-depth story to their customers, or a company that is looking to post a tutorial or informational video for the benefit of their clients.

These films are longer than typical social media films, and are designed to be displayed on your website, where customers can easily access them.

Many of our clients use Business Profile Films to introduce themselves and their staff to their potential client base. They typically include clips of your location and your services, along with an audio interview portion where you can give an in-depth explanation to your clients what sets you apart from your competition.

While these films are typically used on websites, they can also be shared on social media to increase engagement there as well.

Rocket Pop Film Studios can assist you in scripting your film from start to finish, by asking thoughtful questions and digging for the aspects of your business that make you unique in your market.

From there, filming typically takes about 2 hours. Rocket Pop Film Studio has a compliment of mobile lighting and microphones so an interview-style portion of your film can be produced right on site.


A cinemagraph is a short three-to-five second long film clip that is recorded, edited and set to loop as a video on social media. If you’ve ever been scrolling through social media and see images where just a small portion moves, that’s a cinemagraph!

Cinemagraphs generally take very little effort on your part to produce, and typically less than 10 minutes to set up and film.

Each small clip is then edited using specialized software to reduce file sizes while still retaining quality, making them small enough to “auto-play” on social media sites.

Cinemagraphs can be posted to nearly all social media platforms and to websites. While they are technically images, they still garner the 400% increase in engagement you’d typically see with videos on social media.

A cinemagraph is an exciting and fresh way to engage with your audiences, and their ease of sharing makes them even more appealing to businesses both small and large.

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calgary commercial videographer karyn lee

Karyn Lee is a commercial videographer serving Calgary, Banff, Alberta and Worldwide.

A photographer by trade, Karyn Lee holds a Master of Photographic Arts designation from Professional Photographers of Canada. With a strong foundation in photography, videography became a natural extension of what Karyn was doing.

With a special focus in commercial photography, Karyn Lee is now excited to provide Alberta with creative, fun and fresh films for businesses of all size.

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