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I was so excited to get to do this adventure film for my good friend Candace and her family. Being a Calgary Videographer is great, because not only do we have access to a vibrant downtown, we also have close access to amazing wheat fields just like this!

Calgary VideographerThe best part about filming this was that I just love Candace – as a fellow photographer, we get together some times and talk shop, and so when I said I was getting into videography and wanted some families to play with, she was like “Me! Me! Film my family!” She had great ideas about her own vision, and she even brought along her own camera to shoot some stills as well!

We ventured off to a property in the country located near hers – in fact, her husband grew all this wheat! After a crazy hot summer with very little rain, we expected another hot summer evening, but lo and behold, a couple hours before the shoot the skies opened up and poured rain! It made for a somewhat chilly evening, and everyone got really muddy really quickly – especially their little yorkie Bella!

Calgary VideographerAnd of course this family was just so sweet with each other. Can you very obviously see from the video that they all love each other very much, and that’s the wonderful thing about film – you can really see and feel the connections between people.

Her support has been amazing, and it reminds me that I have so many wonderful and supportive friends! Candace, thanks again for letting me work with your adorable family! It turned out to be an amazing evening – even though it was a little chilly!

If you want to book your Adventure Film, contact Calgary Videographer Rocket Pop Film and we can chat about your film! I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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  • Robina

    Beautifully documented – I’m sure this family was extremely happy with your artistic vision, the video and the photographic images.

  • Megan

    What an amazing location!

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